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KOS Tesla Brno – Orienteering Sports Club

26. and 27.8.2006

Event Centre
Žďár nad Sázavou, Autokemp Pilák, arrival marked from main road Žďár –

In cabin no. 18 in Autokemp Pilák, close to finish area.
Saturday 10:00 – 12:00
Sunday 7:30 – 8:30

It is possible to park for free on public parking around lake dam or
for 60Kč in camping area. Competitors accommodated in cabins can park
around them. Other competitors can park according the situation 0 –
800 meters from finish area. Please follow instructions of organizers.

Public parking – registration 1200 m
Registration – kemp1, tents, event centre 0 – 100 m
Event Centre – start Saturday 2500 m good roads, small ascent
Event Centre – start Sunday 5300 m mostly paved roads, even smaller ascent
Event Centre – finish Saturday and Sunday 0 m
Registration – kemp2 800 m

Map exchange
On Sunday categories HE and H19-39A exchange maps on control no. 110.

Slightly hilly with dense grid of paths of different quality. Some paths full of branches and sticks. Mind your derailleur.

Pilský les MTBO 1:15000, e 5m, format A4, no protection.
Maps will be collected in finish. You can pick them up on Sunday 13:00.
Forbidden areas marked by cross-hatching.

Saturday 00 = 13:00 2500 m marked by blue-white ribbons
Sunday 00 = 9:30 5300 m marked by blue-white ribbons

In Event centre. Both days finish will be closed after limit of last starting competitor will pass out. Refreshment (drink) will be available in finish.

Start numbers
All competitors except categories P, H10-13, D10-13 a H19-39C must carry on their bicycles start number of Czech MTBO Cup mentioned in startlist. Start number will be given on presentation. On Sunday the same number is used. After the Sunday competition start numbers will be collected in finish.

Technical check
Maintenance inspection will be made on start to competitors in categories P, DH-14, D14-18 a H14-18.

SI cards used both days. In case punching unit will fail use fields on map. Please read your SI card immediately after you finish the competition in cabin no.18 (see map). You can rent SI card for 40Kč / day. If you will loose it the fee is 700Kč. Your SI card must be connected with your bicycle. Do not forget to reset and check your card in start corridor. Competition is finished by punching the unit on finish line.

All competitors must start with helmet and bicycle according MTBO rules. It is not allowed to ride the meadows with the exception of corridor between last control and finish. Outside of the paths bicycle must be carried 20cm above the ground – will be checked by organizers.

Bike washing
Bike washing will be possible behind reception in competition centre. It is strictly forbidden to wash bikes in lake!!!

WC + washing
In competition centre, shower 20Kč (you can buy chips in second reception in camp – see plan).

Results will be published in competition centre. Final results on web http://www.tbm.cz/2006-mtbo-wre/

Price giving ceremony
On Saturday 19:30, followed by orienteering pictures show and evening bigbeat.

Competitors accommodated in cabins will receive a plan with marked assigned cabin. Keys can be collected by club representatives on Registration from 12:00. Tent area is marked in plan.

Bicycle store
Competitors accommodated in camp can use bicycle store in marked shelter and garage. Both places will be locked but we recommend using your own locks. Organizer is not responsible for eventual loss or damages. Stores will be closed on Saturday 19:00 and opened in Sunday 8:00.

In competition centre there will be two booths.
• Buffet KLASIKA: goulash, chicken and pork steaks, roasted chicken, sausages, beer, limo, sweets
• Buffet LA CARBONARA DELICATESSEN: sandwiches with mozzarella, toasts, salads, wine, beer, nealko, OXALIS tea, possibility to buy GRAND MORAVIA parmesan.

All competitors compete on their own risk!!! Competition area is heavily used by tourists; please mind walkers, bicycle tourists and mushroom pickers. It is important to win but is also nice to survive.

You can hand written protests to Main jury with deposit 200, – Kč.

Names of jury members will be displayed in finish area.

First aid
Provided in finish area.

Event Director: Petr Strejček
Main jury: Jiří Urválek
Course setter: Jiří Procházka