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* WRE – World Ranking Event
* 9th and 10th event of the 2006 MTBO Czech Cup
* 26th & 27th August 2006, Žďár nad Sázavou

TJ Tesla Brno – Orienteering Sports Club

26th and 27th August 2006

26th August 2006 – WRE MTBO event and 9th Czech MTBO Cup – Middle
27th August 2006 – WRE MTBO event and 10th Czech MTBO Cup – Long
Both days individual event with fixed course and interval start.

Event Centre:
Camp Pilak – Zdar nad Sazavou

At the Event Centre.
Friday 25th August 2006, from 7 p.m. till 8:30 p.m.
Saturday 26th August 2006, from 10:30 a.m. till noon.

Saturday: 13:00
Sunday: 9:30

Parking – Event Centre – Accommodation– Finish: 0 km
Event Centre – Start: both days max. 3km

Terrain with network of forest tracks and paths with good rideability.

1:15 000, E 5m, made according to MTBO standards, May 2006

Categories and entry fees:

Categories for Saturday (Middle distance) and Sunday (Long distance)
D14-18, DE, D, D40
H14-18, HE, H19-39A, H 19-39B, H 19-39C, H40
Entry fees for above written categories for two days is 15 EUR / person (weekend price).
Entry fee for just one day is 10 EUR / person.
DH -14 (approximately 4km distance) entry fee 2 EUR for each day.
Newcomers entry fee 2 EUR for each day.
Sport Ident Card rental fee to 2 EUR for each day.
All competitors registered in Czech MTBO federation have Entry fee discount according to Czech federation instructions.

Entry and Payment:
Until 11th August 2006 (date of delivery) by email: mtbo2006@tbm.cz in the format described bellow if possible. (it will help us easy transfer to SI software)
Entry is valid when the organisers send you an e-mail confirmation.
Entry fee and accommodation is payable on registration.

Email Entry format:

Entry to be sent as a text file where each competitor name is written on one line:

REGISTRED NUMBER 7 symbols (1-7)
Space 1 space (8)
CATEGORY 10 symbols (9-18)
Space 1 space (19)
SPORT IDENT No. 10 symbols (20-29)
Space 1 space (30)
SURNAME and FORENAME 25 symbols (31-55)
Space 1 space (56)
LICENCE 1symbol (57)
Space 1 space (58)
WRE ID number (59-)

REGISTRED NUMBER – Foreigners please enter XXXXXXX
WRE ID number – http://www.orienteering.org/footo/wrscheme.htm
XXXXXXX HE 0000075841 Merckx Eddy X BEL999

Web page www.tbm.cz/2006-mtbo-wre
E-mail mtbo2006@tbm.cz

According IOF MTBO rules.

Camp cabins, camping ground for own tents in the event centre.
Please book your accommodation together with your entry.
Cabin en-suite 220 CZK/night/person
Cabin – toilet in camp 150 CZK/night/person
Tent (already build in camp) 110 CZK/night/person
Own tent 50 CZK/night + person 40 CZK/night
Overall capacity is 124 bets in cabins and 10 beds in Tents (already build in camp), there is enough space for own tents.
Rule: first come first take

For Hotel type accommodation we booked some rooms in Hotel (1km or 3 km from centre), please let as know ASAP by email at
mtbo2006@tbm.cz . This to be paid at Hotel reception individually.

Punching system:
Electronic SportIdent.
If you need to rent a Sport Ident Card, please state on your Entry.

Competitors must stay on the roads, tracks, and paths otherwise they will be disqualified.
Control of bike technical conditions will be provided before the start for categories HD -14 and DH14-18.
All bikes must have tires of minimum thickness 1,5“ .

Event Director: Petr Strejček
Controller: Jiří Urválek
Course Planner: Jiří Procházka