revision 1 issued on 3rd May 2013

Czech MTBO Championship, Czech Masters MTBO Championship 2013 plus
7th Event of Czech MTBO Cup 2013 – Sprint
Czech MTBO Championship, Czech Masters MTBO Championship 2013 – Relay
8th Event of Czech MTBO Cup – Free Order

Czech Orienteering Federation

Organizing Club:
TJ TESLA BRNO – Orienteering Club

Saturday, 8th June 2013 and Sunday, 9th June 2013

Event Venue:
Meadow above Viničné Šumice village, Loc: 49°13’12.7″N, 16°49’23.7″E

Competitions Programme:

Saturday, 8th June 2013:
AM: Czech MTBO Championship, Czech Masters MTBO Championship 2013 plus 7th Event of Czech MTBO Cup 2013 – Sprint
PM: Czech MTBO Championship, Czech Masters MTBO Championship 2013 – Relay

Sunday, 9th June 2013:
8th Event of Czech MTBO Cup – Free Order

Sprint & Free Order:
M14, M17, M20, M21E, M21A, M21B, M21C, M40Long, M40Short, M50
W14, W17, W20, W21E, W21A, W21B, W40, W50
OPEN Short (OS) – sprint a Free Order, OPEN Long (OL) – Free Order
M, M120, W, W120, OPEN

Winning times:
In accordance with Competition Rules of Czech O-Federation for MTBO events in 2013

to be sought on the Event website or from the Event Director:
Martin Stepanek, GSM. +420 603 565 603, stepanek.martin(#)gmail.com
Start lists and detail information will be published on the Event website in the week before the Event

By Sunday 2nd June 2013 @ 23:59:59 through Czech O-Federation online Entry system ORIS.
Competitors not registered within MTBO Section of Czech O-Federation and OPEN categories via e-mail: prihlasky@tbm.cz

Entry Fees:

Categories Sprint Relay Free Order
WM14 50,- 50,-
WM17, WM20 100,- 100,-
WM21, WM40, WM50 140,- 160,-
W, M paid by ČSOS
W120, M120 390,-
OPEN 390,-
OPEN Short 100,- 100,-
OPEN Long 200,-
SI chip rental 40,- 40,- 40,-

Only Competitors duly registered within MTBO section of Czech O-Federation are allowed to enter the W and M categories. Above mentioned Entry Fees are applicable only for competitors who entered by 2nd June 2013 @ 23:59:59. Late entries are subject to double fee and available capacity.
In a Relay Event the entry fee for teams entered in Czech Championship categories M and W is being paid for by the Czech O-Federation.

Competitors of the category Open-Long who entered by 2nd June 2013 @ 23:59:59 are eligible to discounted entry fee of 200,- CZK/1 race, in case of entering after the above mentioned deadline and/or entering on the day of the race the entry fee will be 300,- CZK/1 race.

All entry fees to be transferred to the organizer’s account at:
Sberbank, a.s. – acc. No. 3200 055 034 / 6800, account title: Jiri Urvalek),
unique club number in the format of xxxx as per CSOS club directory to be used as a variable symbol.
Foreign competitors are allowed to pay the entry fees in the Race Office.

Race Office:
in the Event Venue
Friday, 7th June 2013, 6:30PM till 10.00PM
Saturday, 8th June 2013, 7:30AM till 8:45AM
Note: Leg specification for Relay to be handed-over to the Race Office on Saturday by 12:00noon
Sunday, 9th June 2013, 8:00AM till 9:00AM

Sprint and Free Order – interval start. Relay – start in waves.
Sprint: 00 = 9:30AM
Relay: 00 = 2:30PM
Free Order: 00 = 10:00AM

Electronic system – SportIdent, compatible also with SI chips of 8-11 series.
SI chip rental 40,- CZK / 1 race. Competitors on registered within MTBO section of Czech O-Federation will be asked for 800,- CZK deposit, when borrowing a SI chip.
A Fee of 800,- CZK will be charged for damaged and/or lost SI chips
SI chip must be attached to the bike at all times.
SI chip cannot be used more than once in one competition.

In the Event Venue. Parking fee of 50,- CZK for both days will be collected.
Please obey the instructions of organizers.

Arrival to the Event Venue will be signposted from the village of Viničné Šumice,
Loc: 49°12’51.5″N, 16°49’16.6″E.
The access road climbs approx. 100m vertical meters on the last 700m.

Moderately hilly mixed forest with a dense network of roads, paths and single tracks of variable rideability

Special map for MTBO, scale for Sprint 1:10 000, Relay and Free Order 1:15 000
Surveyed in 05/2013 by Vlastislav Šebesta and a team of Tesla Brno MTBO racers.

Event Venue to Start (Sprint and Free Order) up to 5km, Relay – in the Event Venue

Well stocked buffet located in the Event Venue will be in operation from Friday’s evening to Sunday afternoon.

– in own tents in the Event Venue for a fee on 50,- CZK / 1 person / 1 night – from Friday till Sunday
– In a gym hall on the hard floor (within 5km from the Event Venue) for a fee of 100,- CZK / 1 person / 1 night – night from Saturday to Sunday only
Accommodation fees to be paid along with the entry fees.

Organizers don’t provide any accommodation on beds, however from the exhaustive possibilities of accommodation in Brno we can recommend for example: hotel Ubytovna Jedovnicka 10

Crèche will be available in the Event Venue. Please show your preliminary request to place your kids in crèche along with your entries.

Protests to be presented to the Main Referee with the fee of 200,- CZK.

Prize-giving ceremony:
Will be held in the Event Venue – on Saturday at 8:00PM, on Sunday right after the competition. Flower ceremony (categories M and W immediately after the finish of the Sprint competition)

All competitions are being ruled by valid Competition Rules and Directives of Czech O-Federation (MTBO section).
Anyone violating the rules, especially if found riding off-road will be immediately disqualified.

Out-of -bounds:
Pursuant to the article 11, points 3 and 5 of Czech MTBO Competitions Rules, effective from the issue of the Bulletin 1, the competition area (bordered by the villages of Hostěnice, Pozořice, Viničné Šumice and locations of Hádek, Malá Říčka a Kalečník) is strictly out-of-bound for any competitors.

It is strictly forbidden to ride off-road, with the exception of the meadow within the Event Venue. Any violation will lead to immediate disqualification. Further details will be given in Bulletin 2.
The competition area is frequently visited by walkers and cyclists, please be considerate and cautious especially when descending,
The technical condition of bikes of MW 14 and 17 will be checked by Organizers before start.
The minimum tyres‘ width must be 1,5“. Every competitor must wear his helmet properly fixed at all times during competition. Competitors without helmets will not be allowed to the start.
Please obey and respect the „10-point Rule of MTBO“– it will be published in the Bulletin 2 and displayed in the Event Venue.

Event Officials:
Event Director: Martin Štěpánek, tel. 603 565 603
Main Referee: Zbyněk Pospíšek, tel. 605 204 216
Course Setters: Marek Pospíšek – Sprint; Jiří Procházka – Relay; Miroslav Rygl – Free Order

Approval Clause:
This Bulletin 1 by the MTBO Competition Committee on April, 2 2013.

The competitions are being held with the kind permission of Lesy České republiky, s.p., and the municipalities of Pozořice and Viničné Šumice.

Martin Štěpánek
Event Director

Zbyněk Pospíšek
Main Referee

Information/bulletin for download (pdf)